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No one likes being told no - in fact it's probably the hardest thing to hear, but we believe having the right people in your venue is of utmost importance.


That's why when we supply Door Security or Door Supervisor's to your venue we ensure you get the right people for the job, we will never send someone that we haven’t personally worked with and they will always know their colleagues, this ensures their safety and ultimately a stronger team.


It is imperative to choose the right Front of House team, so each and every customer is dealt with in the correct manner each and every time they visit your venue.



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All too often you hear complaints about a venue's door staff being overly aggressive or heavy handed, of course this comes with the job but we ensure we deal with everybody with patience and understanding.


Nutshell Security has been providing Door Supervisor's and Front of House Security team's for many years in Cardiff and beyond.


We are proud of our staff and the service they continue to provide, they work hard to ensure everyone has a safe enjoyable evening and if things do get bumpy they are on hand to smooth things out.


Nutshell Security Services - Door Supervisor, Door Security, Front of House Security.





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