Providing control on and off the set

Nutshell Security have been involved in a variety of productions where security was required both on and off set, safe-guarding cast and crew to technical equipment, we ensure the provision of a total security solution, advising in both the physical and technical areas.


Securing VIP areas such as cast areas, trailers

Location Security (studio, theatre, outside broadcasts)

Traffic Management and Crowd Control

Counter surveillance and anti-paparazzi measures

Risk analysis, threat assessments and location surveillance

Securing vehicles and equipment

Studio, Green room and sensitive areas.


TV Security On site filming Peter Capaldi Cardiff Film premiers Outside Set Security Filming

Nutshell security have worked on a variety of film premiers over the years, most recently in Cardiff's Capital with Russell Crowe for his new movie "Noah".


Nutshell were also present for the MTV show The Valleys where security was provided both on and off set.


We have worked on a number of TV productions both on and off set here in South Wales and across the UK.


Whether you are looking for personal security/bodyguarding or you require crowd control Nutshell can help.




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