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Personal Security takes many guises and means different things to different people. You may be looking for a security detail for your family whislt visiting the UK, this may include a driver?


Are you attending or hosting an event and require personal security for yourself or other members of your team?


Perhaps you require security for your home whilst you are away on vacation or for work requirements, you may even be considering permanent residential security?


So if your looking for personal security or bodyguarding services in Cardiff South Wales or the UK then we can help provide you with the security you need.


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What is a bodyguard - The Grey-man?


The role of bodyguards is often misunderstood by the public, because the typical layperson's only exposure to body guarding is usually in highly dramatized action film depictions of the profession, in which bodyguards are depicted in firefights with attackers.


In contrast to the exciting lifestyle depicted on the film screen, the role of a real-life bodyguard is much more mundane: it consists mainly of planning routes, pre-searching rooms and buildings where the client will be visiting, researching the background of people that will have contact with the client, searching vehicles, and attentively escorting the client on their day-to-day activities.


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