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Residential security has become common place in today’s world, with crime ever increasing and people’s privacy being constantly intruded upon.


Providing manned guards for your residence to work solely or alongside an existing security system can be highly beneficial to you and your family.


The ways in which Nutshell Security work will be determined primarily by your requirements and budget, but we always ensure your privacy is key without compromising on your complete protection.


Nutshell Security work with you and your family to ensure total peace of mind within your own home or residence.

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One of the important roles that residential security plays is to act as a deterrent. Patrolling guards will put off all but the most determined of burglars and attackers.


The existence of CCTV cameras and signs to indicate that such systems are in place can act as a highly efficient means of putting any would be criminal off.


Patrolling also gives security personnel the opportunity to look for anything suspicious which may not immediately show up on CCTV footage or via any other form of security equipment.


Nutshell Security can provide you with a number of visual aids and mobile patrols if your budget doesnt allow for a full time guard, along with remote CCTV.

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