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CCTV has changed the way the world works, with cameras visible almost everywhere you go. Most people often assume that somebody is watching, however generally this is not the case.


With the majority of CCTV being left unattended to record events that occur, and when the worst does happen, scramble through hours of recordings to try and piece together the facts.


Doesn’t it make sense to have someone actually monitoring your CCTV in real time? So if an incident does take place someone is on hand to try and prevent it. Nutshell Security provides remote CCTV monitoring and alarmed response to both business and residential clients across the UK.



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Nutshell Security currently provide security for various sites around South Wales, from chemical sites, housing developments, retail parks, shopping centres hotels and much more.


From foot patrols or front of house to CCTV monitoring and guard dog patrols Nutshell security can provide you with the right guard for the right job.


If you are looking for a low cost option Nutshell Security can provide you with Warning Boards and Mobile Patrols at times agreed along with keyholding services, this gives you peace of mind but without the cost of a full time security guard.


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Nutshell Security have worked on a variety of film premiers over the years, most recently in Cardiff's Capital with Russell Crowe for his new movie "Noah".


Nutshell Security were also present for the MTV show The Valleys where security was provided both on and off set.


We have worked on a number of TV productions both on and off set here in South Wales and across the UK.


Whether you are looking for personal security/bodyguarding or you require crowd control Nutshell Security can help.




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Residential security has become common place in today’s world, with crime ever increasing and people’s privacy being constantly intruded upon.


Providing manned guards for your residence to work solely or alongside an existing security system can be highly beneficial to you and your family.


The ways in which Nutshell Security work will be determined primarily by your requirements and budget, but we always ensure your privacy is key without compromising on your complete protection.


We work with you and your family to ensure total peace of mind within your own home or residence.



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Personal Security takes many guises and means different things to different people. You may be looking for a security detail for your family whislt visiting the UK, this may include a driver?


Are you attending or hosting an event and require personal security for yourself or other members of your team?


Perhaps you require security for your home whilst you are away on vacation or for work requirements, you may even be considering permanent residential security?


So if your looking for personal security or bodyguarding services then Nutshell can help provide you with the security you need.



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